Saturday, 22 October 2011

Oct 22nd, a "down" day

such a "down" day...
don't know why, but my feeling was so unstable..
feel likes to shout out loud..
feel likes to cry out loud..
hah.. what exactly happened to me ?
even myself didn't know it..
i need Jesus.. i need Jesus..
sorry guys, i just could answer you "nothing happened to me"..
i just didn't know how to say it .. how to tell it .. how to express it ..
nobody knows my feeling right now..
just Jesus..
"ku tak akan menyerah.. pada apapun juga.. sebelum ku coba semua yang kubisa .. 
tetapi ku berserah kepada kehendakMu .. hatiku percaya Tuhan punya rencana .."
YES ! i believe God has a big and good planning to me :) 
special thanks to Ivone ..
then for Grace .. seems like we're in the same boat hehe :)
May God bless us all ..
#kissandbighug :*

With lot of loves,


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