Saturday, 22 October 2011

narcissism is us !

today is friday !
my weekend is begin ! ciihaa :D
actually, today i got to go to college for study ,
but dunno why it's failed again ..
of course happy, but also angry
happy is i can go to shopping ,
angry is everytime was failed, so when will it be ? 
i'd like to go back to my hometown next week !
failed again coz i need to go college? oh hell >,<
hmm.. back from work, i went to BCS with my honey..
ups? honey? haha
ivone i meant ! weeeee who did you think ? :p
yaa.. we eat, shop till' drop haha 
we went to my kitty cafe , 
i ate fish&chips with oreo milkshake,
ivone ate chicken with strawberry milkshake..
yahh.. no picts can shown here >,<
it's almost 10 !
we got back to home, and do the next job !
narcissism is us ! hahaa
yeaa, we took some picts from my camera, bb, till' webcaming hihi :p
sorry, just 8 in 1,
the rest... wait for tommorow yeah hahaha 
finally, i can get up lately for tomorrow ! cihaaaaaa xD
thanks Jesus for today..
hope tomorrow will be better !
goodnight gals ! God bless us :D


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