Sunday, 18 September 2011

new life is begin

finally, today is the last day of p2k2! yiiiiiha
happy and also sad ..
too many things happen today ..
from our umkm presentation till' the end of our p2k2
first, about our umkm presentation
i was really really dissapointed with it . with everything ... :(
that was really really hard to accepted .
actually, win or lose, that's no problem
but it was ................... hah :(
so sorry for all friends from kelompok fasilitator bu suzanna , pak daniel ,
so sorry for our co.fas ka winsherly, ka yunita, ka dafi
we've made you all dissapointed :(
everybody said we can win it, but yeah in fact ..... hee :(
for agus and shendy , thanks for your efforts these days ! keep spirit ! ^-^

finally, we're colleger for yu ai bi now !
so sad because i've to separate with all of my group's friends..
maybe some of them will in the same class with me later,
and some of them yeah, will be in different major with me huhu
this night we went home very late,
from 06.30 till 22.30 wowww
the last things we do was put on our almamater ,
it's mean that we're already the yu ai bi students , horaaayyyy
we shaked hand with all fasilitator and co.fasilitator ,
took some photos with friends, althought i don't know where is the photos now ! >.<
so happy these days, knowing so many new friends ,
and this monday we'll begin studying there ! 
yeah, new life's begin !
goodluck all ^-^

oya, so sorry for ka fatong, 
i can't visit you to the hospital
hope you'll get well soon, Jesus bless (:


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