Wednesday, 21 September 2011

twenty first september ..

hello all ..
miss my blog so much :(
I really really don't have much time to do this all ..
even the quite important things I also couldn't make it .
yaa.. my activities are from 06.00 till' 22.15 , everyday !
hmm maybe for friday, saturday or sunday it won't be so long ..
hemm.. rather bored with this life ..
everyday were like this ..
everyday is work work work , or study study study ..
there's nothing more special ?

yes, this is my september, the another new life ..
september is almost over (for about 1 week again), but where is the cheerful september ? hah :(
I had so many plans for this september, but it were all vanished !
I miss my hometown ! I miss my home so much ! I miss everything there !
when can I go back again ?
for these few weeks, I really can't go back :'( too much things to do here :'(
and today, 21st September .. one week again ..
I really excited waiting for that day ..
but it seems like nothing special this year ..
I am alone, and totally alone ..
no, I meant I have some friends here, but yaa you know I know, that's different ….
that day, I must be busy with my work and study from morning till' night ..
will I have time to enjoy that day? I guest no .
just hope everything will be better than I thought ...

now, i feel like busy everyday.. feels like want more than 24 hours each day .
I lost the chances for messagging or chatting with my friends..
that's why, they used to say me 'arrogant' .. but guys, I really really don't have that time
rather stress facing this world , but yeah life must go on ..
today is the third days going to campus ..
I'm at B203 - C class for management ..
I've many new friends there .. from the beginning of p2k2 till' now ..
they're all nice friends ..
so thankful to God for having this life ..
althought I often felt don't like it or what, but totally it was all fun !
I'm so sorry Jesus .. for these days .. huff :(

Wednesday, Sep 21st, 2011


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