Thursday, 15 September 2011

big ten competition

a really really really tired day ..
today is "our" first day of "OSPEK" - welcoming freshment
and you know, it's from 06.30 till 21.00 WIB
what a WOW , right !
3 days we must be like that,  with many events of course ..
today everything going smoothly,
and the impressive one is me and my umkm group (shendy and agus) ,
will represent our class to competing the LED presentation ..
thanks God !
happy? yes . unbelieveable? yes . afraid ? yeeees
we're now in big-ten competition, 
and this saturday we'll present it in front of more than 550 peoples
oh hell, what will i gonna be ? so maaaannnnny peoples !!!
hah, and there will be the first, second, and third winner
i just hope that later everything will be fine !
actually, win or lose, it doesn't matter
just show the best and be the lucky one !
pray for us ya guys !

God bless we all ^-^


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