Wednesday, 17 August 2011

bored holiday uh ?

hulllaaaa !
today is holiday ..
but it is a little bit bored holiday ..
don't know what to do ,
so we (me and Riana) went to NH and BCS for shopping ..
oh ya , forgot to introduce you ,
Riana is my new friend here .. (actually, not really "new", we've been know each other since primary school, and we met here not long ago hehe)
yaa.. i went shopping with her just now ..
hemm eating, window shopping, buying some things ..
walk till' we're confuse .. confused what should we do ..
like people said "u kha kia bo lou" (chinese-language) HAHAHA
note : if you don't know the meaning, just ask those chinese people ! wkwk :p

i'm now at home, and yah a little bit tired walking a long day ..
today, only one day, i've already getting bored walking around those malls..
how about the next saturday and sunday ?
what should i do T.T
i don't intend to go back to pinang , so yaah i'll stay here and ...
don't know ! hahahahaha :)

that's all for tonight !
thanks Jesus for today .. 
going to sleep !
byebye ^-^

with ♥ ,
sele :*


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