Wednesday, 17 August 2011

introducing my new life ..

new blog in a new life ..

yes .. this is a new life for me ..
now, i'm in Batam city, without my family.. 
actually i came here for study at university of international Batam
but i intended to work here too ..
and yeah after a several time looking for job ,
finally i got a job in Corporate Planing department at PT. Satnusa Persada Tbk .
a big company yeah ? hehe

my first day of work was on July 4th ..
nervous, afraidness, all mix into one ..
till' now, i've been worked there for 1 month and 2 weeks ..
i enjoyed my life here ..
but sometimes, i felt very lonely ..
i was alone here ,  with some new friends ..
i really miss my family and friends at pinang ..
miss all of my pets ,
miss my home ..
miss everything in Tanjungpinang, a small city that brings a lot of memories ..

sometimes, i also feel very afraid ..
i don't really know what did i afraid ..
maybe i just afraid of something that actually i shouldn't afraid of ..
i know that , with Jesus, nothing i should be afraid ..
but i'm a moody person .. maybe you can say a little mushy - (cengeng)
and yeah this is me .. when i was alone, i started to think this and that..
and that makes me wanna cry ..
so when i was going to sleep , 
i pray and worship to God .. 
i would speak in tounges (berbahasa roh) and it was really touching..
i always cry a lot while i was doing that ..
is it God worked upon me ? i hope so ..

mmm.. i think that's all for the introducing about my new life HAHA
getting bored with this life,
but life must go on !
this is like an adventure .. "life is an adventure" like the ad said hihi
i must survive ! i believe i can make it!
like this blog song
"a whole new world is waiting it’s mine for the taking
i know i can make it, today my life begins
today my life begins…"

 hihi :)
the last , don't forget to bring my name everytime you pray yaa guys hihii thankyou :*
i'll pray for all of you too of course..

oh ya .. today is August 17th, Indonesia's birthday ! hahaa
"merah putih teruslah kau berkibar, diujung tiang tertinggi, di Indonesiaku ini ...."
happy birthday , Indonesia !
may Jesus bless Indonesia ^-^

With Love,


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