Thursday, 18 August 2011

almost missed the bus

holaaahoop ! ^-^
how are you today guys ?
after holiday yesterday, how do you feel ?
more spirit or become lazy ?
if me, i become more spirit hihi :)

today ? just like usual ,
work and go home in the evening ..
but today .. has a little different
i almost missed the bus !
at 5 o'clock , i still do my job . actually it has finished , but still has a little "error" ..
(finish but still has a little error . is it finish or not ? :p )
so i did it till' 5.15 .. i thought that bus has already go away
but suddenly my friend said that, "bus just arrived, quickly !"
"ok, ok, ask the driver to wait for a moment please ! i'll go down now !"
well, i run as fast as i can .. maybe just like pursued by ghosts .. haha
yeah, when i check-out the badge , 
"invalid card" .. "please try again"
oh God ! what's up ?! they're waiting for me !
after several time, i try and try, finally it can
i run as fast as i can again, it was very mess of me indeed 
and you know, everybody is looking at me !
the bodyguard, the staffs in the bus, well so embarrased !
finally, i got into the bus .. thanks Jesus .. and yah we go home ..
really, i don't want the same problem happen again ..
don't know where should i put my face haha >,<

today God's words :
"So I tell you, when you ask God for anything believe that you will get it and you will have it" --- Mark 11:24
Sele :) 


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