Monday, 26 October 2015

SVKxMacau SelviMakeupArtist trip to Macau

hai hai haiiii...
just got back from my pre wedding trip last week to Macau and Hongkong
overall it was a fun trip, but actually i don't really like the country honestly
yes it's beautiful especially the city light in the night, but i don't like the food there and the people!
omg it's such an impolite people there, i just couldn't stand it
the attitude were so bad bad bad -.-
ok then just ignored the, and enjoyed ours
managed 1 day to go disneyland, my dream place yihaaa
but actually i wasn't really exciting about there since many people said that nothing's there
yeaa i was thought like better go than never right, at least i visited once in an country, and would love to visit the further one!! hope soooooo :))

anyway, we still have plenty international prewedding trip during 2015 and 2016
ready to share your memories with us ?
contact us for further info!
with love,
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