Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Your life, your choice

Hi, strangers!
Hmm i usually don't have an insomnia like now, i don't know what's going on! I need rest and sleep badly! Just recovered from my sickness these few days, and yeah like usual, i'm just that weak can't too hectic more than 1 day -..-

Just want to share about "stop labelling" post in one of a post in facebook that i saw a day back
It told us about don't judge a people by what they did in the past or what will they do in the future
I meant like some people (mostly my friends) feel that if they don't have that "hobby" , or they don't have that "talent" , they can't do "that" thing
But well come on! Hobby can just turns up if we're doing something repeatedly, talent can just turns up by keep it learn and learn, doesn't it?
all you need is an "intention" of doing the right thing, "passion" to do and keep the things right then "courage" to keep move and move then achieve it. 
Think positively, all of us can!
Don't ever labelling yourself, don't ever think you can't
If you think you can, you will ! 
Believe in yourself and just make it happen guys!

I have a degree in science, but i continued with finance management!
I have a degree in finance management, but i'm now a makeup artist!

It seems nothing related, but yeah that's life, doesn't it?
Your life, your choice!

Lotsa love,
Makeup Artist Batam Singapore


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