Sunday, 5 April 2015


What does it mean to you?
How do you find its importance?
Picture means a lot for me. A picture keeps a thousand memories.
I love to taking picture, in every special occasions,
in every moment that i think it should be remembered..
every little single things, especially with the one i love..
I love how picture rewinds and reminds us of those bitter sweet memories..

We don't know what will happen a second later..
Time is priceless.. Life is unpredictable..
You may say i'm pessimistic for always think the worst,
But i prefer a word "realistic"
To be real, to be realize that world is not always by our sides..
Do what you want, do what you love..
Create a sweet and beautiful memories with people around you..
Cherish and enjoy your valuable time..
Cause nothing lasts forever..

God bless...


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