Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Most stressful week

6 days more.. to 3rd of February..
The day i have to face the battle..
The day that i have to prove my 3.5 years studies here..
stress.. Really stress..
What could it be later..
I even dreamt of it twice.. Look.. How stressful i am..
I really put lot of my time to study.. Even dont really understand any of them..
I feel nothing.. I feel down..
They said, just relax.. How do you suppose me to relax?
How to relax standing 2 hours in front of few lecturers that keep asking you questions?
Really dont know what to do know.. I know it shouldnt be so hard, but still.. I need to do my best
I need to prove it to myself and everyone that i can do it..
I need to make them proud..
God bless me anyway..
May everything so smoothly, and wont as horrible as i thought :(


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