Thursday, 8 September 2011

unforgotable experience !

what a tired tired tired tired tired day ! T.T
this morning, me and my groups (shendy, agus) went to Tanjung Piayu Laut..
so far right >,<
yaa, we went there to do our first UMKM missions from college
we started our journey at 8 o'clock , and arrived there about more than half-hour
the weather is so HOT ! oh please, i'm burnt now ! T.T
but it's my first time going there , really excited !
Tanjung Piayu Laut is a small village with a beautiful scenery ..
it's rather same with Batu Licin, or maybe Sebauk (in Pinang)
there were very silent and calm, cos' there wasn't many vehicles passing
we can just hear the sound of waves from the sea, brruuuuusss.... bruuuuusssss....
*lebay *alay *oh plis!
after a long journey , finally we found the place we wanted to go
that's Pak Yem's house ..
we did soooooooooooo many things there 
from helping the owner doing things, till' going to his kelong in the middle of sea by his small boat
the most frightening part is when we sit on his small boat
really, it's too dangerous ! 
left and right is a big sea !
if we move slightly, the boat is like going to fall aside , WEW !
just imagine, usually the owner go to kelong alone,
and now he took us (three) to there..
althought we're not too "big" , (hahaha!) , i was very afraid the boat will sink ! wkwk
the most i fear is my things ! 
if i fell into the sea, i still can swim, but my things ? 
my bag "with a lot of things of course" , my camera ! 
how could i live without those things? LOL
the weather is so hot, and we also rather wet because of the waves was 'big'
we need about 1 hours to go and back from the kelong
and praise the Lord ! we arrived his house safely >,<
after stay half-day in there, finally we went back to Batam
(asking : Tanjung Piayu Laut is out of Batam, right?)

it was really really an unforgotable experience and memories!
and now, i am going to faint ! ARRRRGGGHHH
*hope you all won't also get stress reading this haha ;p
okay , my brain is blank blank blanking !
and my eyeeeeessss ! already at the last stadium !!!
muach muach ! :*


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