Tuesday, 6 September 2011

first day of campus (2)

oh no sleepy sleepy ..
from 4 p.m till 7.30 p.m at campus ..
*wow campus :o 
well, went to meet the fasilitator , co-fasilitator and some "new" friends there ..
i got a group that .. ummm.. "not bad" i think ,
fortunately, i had a nice co-fasilitator (winsherly) ,
and a nice small group for umkm (shendy and agus) ..
thanks God (:
but, unfortunately, my room-mate , and all my friends were different major with me :(
i have no friends at all in management major ..
so i'm alone alone and alone..
i must go and back to there alone , haaaaaaaahh
hope i can get some new friends there .. huff :/

one more thing , be patient yaa ponpon :(
i felt sorry for you ..
i know this is a hard decision .. but yaa.. that's destiny :(
hope this fact will turn over and back to the beginning
remember, there will be a rainbow after rain ..
believe me, you may lose something good, but you might gain something even better
cheers up , girl ! God still loves you ^-^


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