Thursday, 25 August 2011

today ..

today is a very very very tired day ..
so sleepy and down ..
but i'm very excited tomorrow is friday ..
it's mean i'll go back to my hometown ..
maybe i'll be not online here for a few days ,
cos' after i back there , me and family will be gathering to somewhere ..
yaa , not far , maybe here or anywhere ..

FOR YOU my friends ..
first, for you "bek"
be patient and keep spirit !
remember, there would be a rainbow after a rain ..
God will never give us a temptation over our ability ..
so keep praying .. this will be over soon and you'll see a happy ending later

second, for you "L"
honestly , i don't like you now .. where's the old L ?
you're different.. and everybody said so ..
they kept asking me , what's wrong with you ?
i even don't know how to answer them , 
hope the old L will be back ..
we miss the old of you , girls :-(

yap .. that's all for tonight ,
i'm so sleepy, and going to sleep
goodnight everybody !

selamat hari raya idul fitri bagi yang merayakan ^-^

God bless me and you ..

with ♥  ,


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