Saturday, 3 January 2015

back for 2015, a brand new year

Hi Gals !
I’m back, I’m back and I’m back!
Almost a year I didn’t login here, not because I forgot this, but just too many activities and of course have no fast wifi connection at home :( *pelit hotspot dari smartphone*
A year passed, and lot of things had changed..
A girl that lived alone in the dorm, now live happily in a house, with all family members, that’s what called ‘home’..
A girl that busying her college life every night, now stressing about her final project at home..
A girl that quite hectic with her working life, now is not stick in a workplace with 8-hours work per day..
A girl that could be said no life-purpose and had no dream at all, now find her way back. Still new but put lot of efforts and of course dreaming to be a better and the best one..
A girl that now to be given a title ‘make-up artist’… *citcuit*

And yes, it’s been a year I didn’t outpouring my heart through here *ceileee*
it's now 2015 guys ! a brand new year ! good bye 2014, the fabulous year..

really thanks to God that had guided me thorough the year and all family members, friends and someone right there that always been supported me for what i had done :* #beusalwaysSVK

some wrap up for 2014:

me and Vicky's new business, genuine leather handcrafted @brown.velvet , good things made simple. 
really thanks to all purchaser that had been supported us, the new local brand :)

my journey to Bali last October 2014.
Gonna have some new journey soon, i wish! Travel while you’re young, don’t worry about money, just make it works. Because the experience you get will be far more valuable than money! ^^

 Last November graduation ceremony, 4 members of besties, Ajeng, Bella, Suki, Watay
this year could be me, ivone, kholidya and bernice, jiayou guys! :)

new year's eve part celebration at the sky garden with these guys.  we did enjoyed the night!

i enjoyed the whole year, and hope will be better this year of course.
Happy new year, God bless us all ^^


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