Wednesday, 15 January 2014

stressful week

yeah as like my title .. stressful week.. these days seems like very busy..
 busy working, busy my college's tasks, busy my makeup course and now plus in busy final exam..
 today is the first day of final exam and totally blank..

i never felt like this before.. i just came back from malay n sg yesterday, and didnt study at all (althought i brought my books to study there but just to tired to study since the activities went from morning to night)

 i just too relax till now 2 more hours to the exam and a day more to submit my conceptual paper (something like skripsi).. maybe just take lessons from the past, don't hope and expect too much.. it will hurt so much.. yeah jiat let it be.. but of course, i will do my best.. goodluck for myself and all friends.. let's fight together. God bless :)


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