Wednesday, 18 December 2013

wednesday blue :'|

always told to myself don't hope too much, don't expect too much, don't be so perfectionist..
agreed already .. said yes already .. but when things come , still can't accept..
why? #sigh
yup tonight, a hectic night, stressful night, totally an unmood night,
all because of my superb college...
"hope too much, hurt so much" , "regret always comes late" , damn agree with these quotes
sometime feels that really regret for going away at that time..
wasted my valuable time with valuable people, wasted my money, wasted my career, wasted every single things ...
if thinking back to those moments, memories, experiences ... really nothing could compare to it.. but does it so important ? #sigh
  "as we go on, we'll remember.. all the times we.. had together.. and as our life change from whatever, we'll still be.. friends forever..."
not really familiar with this song, but i'm sure this is the second time i got the lyrics from my friends.
back from the college, i suddenly got a "speech chat" from my BFF, my mother, my sister..
why speech chat ? it's a very long chat indeed hahaha !
i just realized that what she said were true.. next year is coming soon.. 2014 is coming soon.. a simply distance is coming soon...... :(
don't know why i just cried reading her chat.. *i am still me, the sentimental me...*
as time goes by, there will be changes and many things will happen..
yes or no, realize it or not, we're no longer same with before.. i admit it!
i'm sorry.. i'm so sorry.. :'( don't know how to describe my feeling right now... :'(
me here still hope that our friendship will never fade... never ever... :') {}

this time, i should be doing my tasks, due date is coming soon and i'm still do nothing at all..
stucked here and it's kinda midnight already.. time to sleep.. the task ? "maybe" tomorrow..
feels tired.. but still have to stay strong.. even when things are going to fall apart.. stay strong...
Thanks God O:)


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