Monday, 21 October 2013

wrap up 4 months ♥

4 months passed since my last posting.. really miss this super random blog.. when i read back all my post, just feel like i was really......... hmm ok stop it :p

after back from Thailand, everything changes here.. good or bad, just hope it'll be the better one.. :)

**college and working life**
the grades from BUUIC Thailand already out. not really satisfied, far from expectation, but actually it's pretty good enough, almost perfect hehe maybe i was just expect and hope too high..  too perfectionist.. just be grateful for what we have , isn't that good? :)

here, everything went very smoothly... back from there i took semester pendek for subject that i haven't take last term and got IP 4 for that. Thanks God. and now i'm enjoying my 5th terms in financial management major. i don't know why i chose finance class since i really don't like it and it was my first choice that i said to myself and others "NO to finance" but God , does have a big plan for me.. MNMC was separated into marketing class and some of us 'a little part' stucked in finance class. 4 days a week to study , one class same with MNMC . i enjoyed every class except FRIDAY. i hate friday class.. super hate ! it was my repeat class for 4th term that i haven't take and i don't have a friend at all... really feels suck :/ same as the SP class, but this even worse :( and the subject? i don't think finance students need to take it grrrrr ! -.-"
 sometime feels very bored doing the same things again and again every day.. how can we do and make something new if we still stuck in here? huff... someday i hope! :)

 and this is the moment that i love most within this few months , the things that i never thought of could be so fast, yes.. at last my whole family moved here! in a very very short plans, they all moved here and left all memories behind... officially goodbye hometown ! the happiest thing is came back from work or college could see them at home, could eat home dishes, and could spend my days with them ♥ i love my family ♥

 the day that i turned into 20th.. Sept 28th, 2013... *finally 2 head, uhh* feel happy.. feel blessed.. feel wonderful.. feel good in everything! really hard to describe.. read back all my birthday post in previous year, always proud to have awesome family and friends there're always there for me in that special day.. year by year passed and every year got more awesome and awesome ^^ there's always a new surprise! ♥ 

first unexpected midnight surprise from someone special and some friends (read: team success) hihi.. made me mad for a few days and surprise succeed huh? :p thanks a lot for accompany me through the first and last second on that special day ♥♥♥♥

second celebration with family and some relatives.. love love :* :* :* too bad didn't take a whole family picts :/

back from the family dinner , another unexpected surprise from besties and MNMC , they stayed at my bedroom already! never thought they would collaborate together just for this. love you guys! ♥ :*

actually before the due day, i already got an unpredictable surprise from jiemei gangsters , on my lunar birthday 8yue13 , Sept 17th 2013.. while i went to play lantern , suddenly they came ! hahaha loppiiuu ♥♡

the first lantern that i released, fly up high! thanks God.. hope all my wishes on that lantern will come true ♥

back on the day, there're so many good things to share, to spend and to be done together... ♥

at last, be thankful for the bad things in life, for they opened your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before. cheers up and God bless you all ♡


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