Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tasty Wednesday ! ♥

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these evening i went to Baan Ton Cake Shop enjoyed tea-time with some of my classmates. Baan Ton Cake is the most favorite cake shop in Bang Saen, Chonburi. Nice environment, yummy cakes and beverages of course. Many people came here for simply hang out and took pictures. But unfortunately, the place was not quite strategic and a little bit unreachable if we didn't have private cars, because there were no song tew for that area. Had been wondering for a long time to came here, and thanks God i got a chance to go with them by cars. *kor tod na kaa putri, gilbert, bernice, agung, kevin (read: sorry)
the price of the cakes and beverages were little higher than the other cake shops, but i think it's worth ;)
here comes the BaanToon Cake ! ♥

 here are the cakes and some hot beverages we ordered. looks yummy, tastes delicious ! :9
*p.s: cake price around 75-100 tbh, hote beverages 40-50 tbh, cold, ice or frappe up from 50 ^^

take a pict ? NO. but SOME pictS. lol :p

yeah this is all of us !
Laili (china), Adlan (brunei), Me, Gee (thai), Nad (brunei), Jaa (thai), Mix (thai), Jane (thai), Laila (brunei), Terence (brunei)

Finished from that, went back dorm and hang out again with Ababil Bangsaen \m/
we went to King No Kom Milk Shop, at Sok Sait behind the university. 
it was the second times i went there. they sold milk from cold to blender, toast, bakery, and many others beverages.
ordered lot of toast with various flavor, some kinds of hot milk and cold beverages, but we took only these picts. 
the else ? in our stomach already ! :p to delicious to handle . LOL
the price is quite cheap , i think :))
actually the menus is a lot . but the problem is .... the it was in Thai letter and the waitress didn't really understand english language, so yaaaa just talked a little bit with the body language of course, and our order is just based on what she had told us :p

here we are ! Agung, Putri, Me and Gilbert \m/

thanks God for this tasty wednesday !
and still.. hope for a miracle ;)


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