Friday, 19 April 2013

handsup and goodbye songkran ! ♥

with 'reckless' capital , me and my 3 friends (putri, gilbert, bernice) went to Pattaya this morning with 2 simple reasons : 1. celebrate Songkran (today, 19 April is the celebration of Songkran day in Pattaya) 2. just want to feel ever step in that city before going back hometown hehe 
we haven't been there before by ourselves and we didn't know exactly how to go and how to come back.
asked and asked finally we knew to get the bus to Pattaya we could take it from Nong Moon market. yes, we took songtew from Burapha this early morning then took the bus 50 tbh around 1 hour arrived there. almost didn't recognize the van or bus and we got in the bus late so no place to sit , guess what we sat on the floor at the back -_____-  wait and wait finally we got the seat.
the worst thing is we didn't know where should we stop meanwhile some people had already stop in the road don't know where. at last, they called us to get off because the next destination will be Rayong city , and here yes it's Pattaya bus stop station. 
Po po po poker face po po po ker face :| what theeeeee.... we stopped at the main road and no beach no mall nothing there ???? walked for a few steps and some people played water already , splash and poked some chalks on Gilbert's face (me and the girls ran away). oh no this is crazy! still in the early morning around 8 or 9 something like that. 
seeing a little far away there's a McD , we decided to go there.  breakfast and rest for a while, and last we asked the Mcd's manager about how to go to the beach or mall. she explained a lot and finally we took motorcycle to the Thak Le (read: beach) . we could reach there from 3 sides, south, north and central. and we were in the central that moment. 1 motorbikes could sat for 3 people includes the driver. and guess what everywhere has already got many people stay at the road played water, stopped every motorbikes that went through that way and yeah wet wet wet and full of chalks . thank you hooooooo :3

10-15 minutes finally arrived , the beach ! yeaaahh ! beach with walkin' street or what it's called don't know along the road many stands for selling foods, clothes, hats and many other stuffs. but for this kind of situation, we couldn't shop anything , everywhere is wet and full of chalks ! wondering how were those foods that sells at the side road, how to eat that -__-

picture, picture and picture ! yeaaa~ sorry for the unsatisfaction results from my note due to we took pict from inside the plastic waterproof bag to prevent from the splash water. (some was not clear, some was closed by the plastic haisssssss)

finally ! i am here ! Pattaya !

 at the first, still very enjoyed due to the splash water were different from Bangsaen, it was more wild and fun. besides of water and chalks, they also have foam party, full of bubbles and foams and that was cute !

but at the end, in the afternoon we really handsup and afraid all of those things. really really enough for Songkran :') no more and huffff.. first and last hahaha super tired and our skins were turned out red, black already. 
enough with it, we decided to went back to the main road, sukmuvit rd. , return back to the Mcd this morning to rest for awhile , cleaned up and dried ourselves there. and the most ridiculous things happened .........
me and Putri took some pict in front of the toilet and we suddenly found out there's ''something'' in the pict :| something "G" :|
my heart beated fast and really fast at that time, shock and it wasn't funny at all !
that was the first time ! :| gave to Gilbert for checked and in my previous picts also have it but not as clear as the last pict. O M G . me that queued for the toilet, even didn't dare to go in and we moved place to the seat in front. still shocked and shocked , tried again to take a pict, first take a pict of hot choco, nothing happened, take me, something appeared......... "delete! delete!" everyone screamed and shocked :|
still unbelievable, i took gilbert's pict , nothing happened, then took putri......... it appeared again T.T T.T T.T i threw the phone at the table and hehe guess what i dropped my tears :"|
why she just followed me and Putri ????!?
talked, afraid, saw on the screen of my phone there's a word "GHOST" and hell yeah checked and checked it's actually the setting of my camera : ghost filter "ghost everywhere"

WHAT THEEEE ............... ?!?!?!? really really LOLs at that moment and just found out that some of our pictures in Pattaya just now had that something "G" too. O M G :/
forget it forget it :|

it was getting dark , 5 pm and we decided to go back home. but along the road every people were still playing the chalks and waters. we tried to avoid some of them althought still got a little at the end. 
one thing is we didn't know to go back, where to take the bus, and how to get it. we found a bus station but he said go to the bus station across there, we crossed the big road with run and run to avoid the splash during the jam , arrived and they said if want to go back it should be go that way , so we being deceived by that person huh ? --" ran back again to that place , asked but the bus will stop in a different place and we need to take songtew little far again. we decided to find a van / bus by ourselves ! walked walked and walked finally there's a van stop in front of gas station, asked "nong moon?" ok ok got in . small van carried lot of people ! full already but he still kept asking us to get in. yaa if we kept wait it'll be very late already so just got in and stand up along the way. very tortured huh , went there with sat on the floor and came back with stand T.T last, last, last got a seat due to some of them got off the van already, but really.. uncomfortable sitting between those 2 black people :|
off at nong moon market and took songtew back to burapha. i think we got deceived by the van because it cost much expensive than we came this morning and it much nearer than the bus stop . van and bus ? which is cheaper ? hmmm

tired , exhausting , everything ! 
thanks God we reached Pattaya !
thanks God for the wonderful day !
thanks God we all turned black !
my skins were reddish . feel very hurt and pain :/
and this time, i really confess that i did enough for the Songkran, handsup, no more and goodbye Songkran 2013 !  ♥

some spots in Pattaya !

with Lotta Love,
#stepofadventurer with foam on our legs


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