Sunday, 21 April 2013

blessful Sunday ♥

the "real" songkran , for elder people not teenagers by throwing and splashing water.
this is the first time for me to celebrate the "real" Songkran , this morning in my Church.
we put water on the elder people hands by flower with a cup of water , and also can give one of them another flower and a milk.
so when we put the water on their hands, they will give us their blessings
i didn't really understand what they said to me when i put water on their hands, just replied "amen, sawadeekaa"  LOLs

last night, Swensen's-ing with these crazy guys 
super yummy ice cream especially the strawberry cheese cake flavor ! uhhmmm~ i love cheese~ *drooling*
this evening, tea time in the evening with Putri and Gilbert at cake shop behind our dorm (Lyla Street)
nice chocolate mousse cake, yummy banana cake, delicious fried banana !

 one more, in love with this barley + malt soya milk ! tasty ! :9

these days, learnt to be not trust in people easily :))
thanks God for this blessful Sunday ! O:)


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