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AbabilBangsaen - "TourDeBangkok"

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i think this was the last trip to Bangkok for this period since we all have to go back to our hometown soon..  ♥
this trip just 4 of us joined, Me, Putri, Agung and Gilbert. our another two friends didn't join with their own reasons. That's why i called this "Ababil Bangsaen" tourDebangkok :p
*whyseemslikeweweregoingtoperforminaconcert LOL
afternoon of April 5th, 2013 we began our journey
took van from islamic bank and around 2 hours finally arrived at the capital city of Thailand,  called Khrung Thep "Bangkok" , @ VictoryMonument BTS station.
this time we directly went to booking for hotel around Pratunam. and well, not as smooth as our prediction, the hotel was full booked and we need to find another hotel. finally, we found "My Hotel" not too far from our expectation. 

after that, went back again to Victory Monument BTS station to ate Mou Kha Tak buffet :) never stop going there if go to Bangkok. it's really a nice place for eat when you're really hungry ! :p
oya btw we used to go everywhere by taxi now because lazy to walk in this super hot weather. moreover if more than 1 person it'll be worther than take BTS which we need to walk a little far if going anywhere. but be aware, Bangkok has many type of taxi ! pink, orange, red, pink and white, green and yellow, blue, and maybe more than those. remember to take the pink taxi! although other taxi also use taxi meter but the price is different. don't know what different between those taxi, maybe different company or whatever and we tried so many kinds of it, pink is the cheapest one. be careful in the night, the color not seems really clear ! you might see red or pink and white as pink hahaha :p
ok back to topic.
so after eating, we explore around anusawali (around victory monument BTS) and Pratunam (not far from our hotel). lot lot lot of things to buy !
oh yeah, just want to show you this, the largest and the most famous pizza restaurant in Indonesia, Pizza Hut, in here just like a little piece of cake ! LOL really felt ehem wow :')
played card at the night :)) 

second day . HAPPY BIRTHDAY , BERNICE ! she didn't join us so we could just sent her a picture and voice note for the greeting {}
breakfast in the hotel cafe , went to chatucak weekend market and the park , took some photos and went away not long ago. the weather is super hot, wore non sleeve shirt and without using any sunblock , this is sun bathing for sure i'm now "belang" ! between black and white in every part of my bodies .____.
chatucak weekend market is quite far from the city, it's on Mo Chit BTS station (the last in the north line).

 after that we went to MBK plaza, ate and walked around. There has an anime festival which everyone wore like japan anime , cosplay and it were all so cute. had Indonesia did like this before ? hmm.. 

 new couples. big LOL !!

around 4 pm we went away to the next destination, Asiatique the river front. Had been wanted to go there and finally reached there ! from MBK plaza took BTS at national stadium to Saphan Taksin station and just follow the step to "Asiatique". 
because of the silliness of me and gilbert, some ridiculous things happened and yeah kept going on ! HAHA 
arrived at the station , we must take a shuttle boat to the Asiatique. forgot what the harbor name (seems like Chao Phraya river), there were so many boat to many places. just asked the people there to make sure which boat you want. and the shuttle boat to Asiatique is free and every 15 minutes will departs. the queue used to be very very long but we're lucky no need to queue. it begins operate on 4.30 pm, and that time will be not much people, if getting late around 5 or 6 it'll be very crowd. Asiatique is totally an awesome place for touristsand it's a nice place for hunting pictures of course ;)
after that, me and putri still had time to explore anusawali again and had supper at McD. yeahhh what girls do when together is shopping ! yeheee~
second night, the most tiring night !

third day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY , KEVIN ! he also didn't join us so yeahh same like bernice greet by BB phone haishais. *wondering what did they do to celebrate their birthday together LOL !
today, one of our personil betrayed us, he went around with her girlfriend from Malaysia and yeah just the three of us travelling around. HAHAHAHA 
the first destination is Magnum Cafe ! wowoww ! like like like ! yummy delicious and love it really ! we went to the order dish side not make by own. but still curious with the make it ourselves side. hmm don't know when can go there again since in Indonesia just only one at Jakarta. hard to reach i think :p

 after that, walked around Siam and lunch at the Siam Paragon food court then went to the Wat Pathum Wanaram temple which located in the district Pathum Wan, between the two shopping malls Siam Paragon and CentralWorld. not very large but it's nice to take some pictures. see this, the monk took us these picts, called FLYING gangnam style. "heyyy, sexy ladyy, fly fly fly fly fly flying gangnam style" LOL really never stop laughing see this pict ! *justkiddingforthemonk,wetookitbyselfcaptureandselftimer:p

super hot weather made us not stay long time in that place and next destination, Khao San Road. very famous in Bangkok, feel curious and just tried to go there. a little bit far by taxi, but still below 100tbh. 
O M G . it's totally a foreigner road. full of westerner. many stalls for selling stuffs and also many pub/bar. i think if in night, it'll be a very fun place for those westerner :|
thai people just for the seller and the rest is "BULE" . all is white skin and just three of us the brown skin. exotic huh LOL !
back from there, still have time and anusawali AGAIN with Putri hahahaha 3 nights went there already and it's really heaven for shopping~

fourth day. Happy Chakri Day for all thai people ! yes today is holiday so we could stay in Bangkok till' today. don't know what celebration is that, just know it's holiday and it's enough for us ! LOL
still wanna travel and explore around Bangkok ! will very very missing Bangkok for sure ;(
yap today after breakfast we went to King Power to buy some foods for taking back Indonesia later. it's full of Chinese people there. many tourists from China went there to shop. it's an exclusive place really, duty free so the price were all rather high but the foods and snacks were really taste delicious. A nice place to buy some souvenir/gifts of course :))
 finished it all, and walked to the Victory Monument BTS station to take bus back to Bangsaen. went there with 1 bag , came back with lot lot of bags. LOL really shop a lot these few days oh my moneeyyyy~
 and last, came back again here, the dorm ! 
still feels not really delicious body, flu and sore throat, maybe just too tired these days. 
we celebrated the belated birthday for our two friends, a little acting and lies, the surprise was succeed ! hahaha happy belated birthday guys ! sorry for late :')

*justFYI: the difference between Thai's KFC and Indo's KFC not only just the menu, but also the way we eat. at here, they will always give us spoon, fork and knife to eat the chicken. Different with Indonesia which most of Indonesians use hands to eat the chicken. if we use spoon in Indo we might seen like quite weird, but if we use hands in Thai it might seen like freak! x)

 thanks Jesus for everything.
 smile and cherish every moments ♥


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