Friday, 29 March 2013

GOOD Friday x)

Dia Yesus Tuhan kami, Dia Yesus Allah kami, sang penebus Juruh selamat dunia.....
happy Good Friday again readers :))

today, as i said last night, me and 5 of my friends from UIB plus 4 of Brunei's friends went together to extending visa for our living here.
started on 9 am, by van with our Ajarn called Phi Nan and driver *dunno his name* , not long ago, we arrived. WHAT ?
it should be Bangkok, 2 hours, but this is less than 1 hour ?
what's going on ?
yeah, actually we're going to the immigration centre at Sri Racha , not Bangkok. oh hell .___.
we were deceived huh ? hahaha
yeah, many people there and i guess it's lot of foreigner that lived here.
 the visa were not finished , so while waiting for it, we went across there, the beach called Koh Loy Park. Never been there and it's one of the tourist destination i think.
it's a place which very have temple and famous with the huge turtle here . really really big ! unfortunatelly i couldn't take photo of those turtles because it's not clear, in the water.
Phi Nan showed us some places around there and i excited about one of the island across this park. 
only pay 50 baht we can take a boat to there and she said it's very beautiful ! i forgot what's the island name. curious about it naa... i wanna go...... :3

 waited for around an hour we're going back to take our passport and we didn't go back campus with Phi Nan , we stopped at Robinson Sriracha Mall.  take a chance ! (read: kesempatan dalam kesempitan) we've never been there naa :p yaa it's quite large , lot of restaurants and things to buy maybe :p i don't know how to come here, but i know how to go back Bang Saen hahaha just by red or maybe orange song tew and tell the driver your destination, and just now we cost about 30 tbh per person, around 20-25 minutes.
favourite Yayoi japanese restaurant , @ Robinson Sriracha

the Good Friday night ..
after been a while we lived here, finally me and me couples friends could eat such awesome dinner ! mie goreng indofood, rice and beef floss ! my Godness it tasted like heaven ! i'm not lebay-ing but it's really ! long time no eat such foods and yeah we just couldn't deny our indonesian tounge ! :9
*damn forgot to take the pict because of too hungry and drolled of the smell of indomie goreng

have a nice weekend all ♥


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