Friday, 1 March 2013

chapter 3 page 60 !

and this is crazy!
don't know why but these few days, i couldn't sleep well at all..
just like now, slept from 12am ++ to 2am, then woke up until now 4.30...
nothing to do, don't know what happened, so finally sat up and post this random things..
hoping that nothing bad will happen..
bless me Lord ;(

oh ya btw finally i found this kind of food in Thailand. My favorite OMG!
here we called 'baduk' , yaa lele , catfish.. i found it at Chatucak Market around Chonburi that open every Wednesday to Sunday..
tasty, yummy, delicious but still lose from Indonesia's..
really miss Indonesian foods :3

please be good to me :)
opening chapter 3 page 60.....


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