Monday, 18 March 2013

Ababil Bangsaen

Saturday, March 16th, 2013
the first day we uploaded our sound records on Sound Cloud !
we are AB Group a.k.a Ababil Bangsaen
2 girls & 2 boys that live in Bang Saen city, Thailand
began with love to singing and 2 of us were already exist in Sound Cloud world before, we tried to combine our 4 different types of voices into one.
till' today we've covered 5 songs and the listeners were not bad huh , quite many too :p
just really unbelievable i would sing like that although still very bad to be hear :p
but from the courage from each of us and supports from our friends, we believe we can do it well ! LOL :p
p.s : this is just for fun ! just did this in our spare time :))

visit our sound cloud profile , here :

with lot of love,
Ababil Bangsaen ♥

 Agung, Selvi, Putri, Gilbert


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