Wednesday, 13 February 2013

SF cinema comments

just now, i went to watching movie with my friends,
it's the first time for me to watch movie here..
we went to Laemtong, SF Cinema and watched Thai Horror Movie named Thongsuk 13..
good film indeed , scary and wow ! haha
here, Wednesday is like as movie day or student day, so every students can get cheaper ticket every Wednesday..
the cinema is not so large yet not so small but it's little scary..
very dark and not many people, especially the toilet -.-
how bout' inside the cinema ? yaa.. they divided it into 3 different seats 
i don't really know what's the different but we took the 2nd grade seat , yaa it's quite ok..
the sound effects were good but the studio is not really really large
 and one thing that made me really impressed is before the movie begins, they had a national song and everybody must stand up to respect the country. it's amazing !
imagine it . before the movie play , they've advertising as usual same as our country, but suddenly they've to stand up and the national song begins , after that the movie begins.
wohoo.. what if the cinema in our country like that ? advertising then the Indonesia Raya song begins and everybody must stand up with hands raise up (hormat) ?
i bet no one would do that, everybody will just sit down and take as nothing happen hahaha
Indonesians should learn much from Thais :p


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