Monday, 11 February 2013

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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2013 all bloggers !
 *taken at: in front of Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok

this year  such a special year..
the first time that i celebrate chinese new year without my family... :'(
instead of adventuring, journey, and having fun with my friends (Bernice, Putri, Gilbert, Agung) in Bangkok..
really unpredictable ! crazy ! fun ! feeling beating up ! exhausting ! everything !
we went to Bangkok on new year's eve, last saturday morning.
so we arrived there about in the afternoon, went to lot of places , take lot of pictures, spent lot of money for taxi  (got cheated by the taxi driver huh!) **FYI: they loved to cheat foreigners
we also went to Bangkok China town that every people said it's the most crowded place during chinese new year.. yes, it's too crowded but we got nothing to do and don't know what to do there. feeling stupid why we went there, and it's so difficult to found a taxi because we're 5 people and some taxi don't want to accept us. it was already around 6 or 7 pm and we haven't had dinner. lot of seafood there, but it's not really in a good environment, so we decided to went to a buffet restaurant, which we went there last time at Bangsaen Beach, named Mou Kha Tak. We knew there's that restaurant because of the first taxi driver told us if we wanna go buffet, mou kha tak is good.
so, walk walk and walk the whole long road of china town, finally got a taxi and directly went to the Mou Kha Tak. (don't know where it's just tell the driver like that and it's good the driver want to accept 5 people)
and yes, it's really a good place ! lot of foods to eat and it's kinda cheap.
felt envy that seeing friend's status in BBM "family reunion dinner" , mine is not bad too huh, "friends new year's eve dinner" . LOL
oh ya, just FYI , if you take a taxi , please ask them to use the taxi meter / cargo , or else they'll cheat us because of we''re tourist/ foreigners. (experiences : we got cheated twice -.- )
the most important is... we got no hotel to stay !
all were booked and the available just the expensive one with only max. 2 person.
of course we didn't take it, sooooooo...
this is the first time staying late night and spending 24 hours non sleep on the road and McD :/
played fingers game (me and gilbert won , without any powder on face) ,  played temple run, talked talked and talked , ate ate and ate, until saw a thief at seven eleven !
walked all day, not sleep, and walked again on the next day ?!?
chinese new year first day with a pair of panda eyes that got punch ? (panda eyes + punch, is it black enough? >,<)
this is the most crazy and stupid adventure i think hahaha
and yaaa .. no more next time please :3 give up!
wherever, whenever, whatever, taking pictures is the most important things ! :p

ready to go ! 

 the first destination we went .. Siam Paragon ! It's famous here and it's an elite mall hahaha everything is branded and expensive here. if you love branded things, you must come here! ah yeah me and my friends went to Bangkok twice already, the first is when we went to visit KBRI, Indonesian Embassy last time. every indonesian people that live in Thailand must go there to report ourselves just simply tell them we're living here. (i think i forgot to post about that here :| )
let me tell you how to go, from campus we walk cross the road to Laemtong, beside that there's a place for us to buy ticket and take bus/van to somewhere, included Bangkok. so just tell the people Bangkok, and they'll drop us at Anu Sawali, Victory Monument BTS station at Bangkok. it's about one and half hours i think , and it cost 110 tbh per person. after arrive at victory monument, go upstair and you'll see the BTS map. BTS is a sky train, something like MRT. so our destiation, Siam Paragon is on Siam BTS station.. 


with Tom Cruise ! awww~ :3

this is inside the Siam Ocean World and Siam Paragon Shopping Mall

these were at Platinum Fashion Mall. if we take BTS , we stop at Ratchatewi station. KBRI also near here :)

the fulled of people Chinatown, Bangkok. 

"friends new year's eve dinner" as i told you :p

the CRAZY and STUPID night on the road, bridge, and McD yehaaaa~

this is what i did in McD with coins we had -.-

and FINALLY 6 o'clock !!! oh yes thanks God. we went to a hotel across the last McD we visited (we visited 2 McD), and use their toilet for changed clothes hahahaha and we took a long time at there LOL jennggg jeennngggg...

it's still early, nowhere to go, mall still closed, so we walked and walked again around there, of course the different ways, and took some picts ! here is the red rangers! bipbipbipbipppp~

again and again, at Central World mall..

this is behind Platinum mall, and something like Siam, the branded mall..
                                    what?! i haven't done huh!
okay, panda eyes that made them two always wear their big black sunglasses -.- LOL

some foods :3 :9
"love cupcake" , super yummy !

so, so, so, so, so, this is the most boring CNY ever! nothing to do nowhere to go no any CNY ambience here just did some stupid things .. no holiday no family no foods no angpao .. pathetic huh? LOL 
i want to go home! really want to go back hometown! want to celebrate with my families and friends of course! really miss HOME ;( yaa.. but no matter, thanks God anyway ヽ(^。^)ノ once again, GONG XI FA CAI, XIN NIAN KUAI LE all !!

STEP of ADVENTURER #thejourneyofus


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