Wednesday, 30 January 2013

wrap up a week :)

some picts for last week :)

the stupid action ever of me :| try to catch the picture of a beautiful sunset in the evening, run as fast as i could to the 5th floor of dorm building, walk as fast as i could on the road until lost my way and need about one hour to walk out university (usually just about 15-20 minutes) and last.. only got this pict ._. awkward, embarrassed, everything ! --"

some of the foods here ....
super yummy tom yam pork mie goreng , from road side Lyla :9
salad @ Yayoi Japanese Restaurant
favorite pop-mie here, Mama Pork flavor .. I usually eat this at Happy Corner Cafe, BUUIC 1st floor
crepes ^^ favorited for pork floss and white chocolate flavor added with chocolate sauce and milk. YUMMY!
yes, i love cheese! super love cheese! this is double cheese pizza from The Pizza Company
this called "Wan Yan", something like es gunung / es monster in Indonesia :D
recommend you for this prata pisang susu from the road side of lyla or road side of Laemtong. you must try this ! ^^

#friends #friendship #craziness #happiness #joyful

with Pong and Oat, my Thai buddies for IBM project.

pizza party with Mr. Fox, Indonesians, Bruneis, Thais, and some Canadians (not in photos)

Gilbert, Putri, Bernice, Agung, Terence and Adlan #indonesiabrunei

 some views from here :)

everybody is busying the upcoming chinese new year, but me .... :| totally didn't feel any ambience of chinese new year here :( anyway, just want to wish you ...
happy early chinese new year all ! :3


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