Tuesday, 15 January 2013

1 week here ~

Sawadeeka !
Time flies so fast.. it has been a week me and my friends from UIB stay and study here, at Burapha BUUIC, Thailand.
Yeah, i enjoyed it so much.
Sometimes, really feels home-sick, with family, friends and the food exactly! Craving for many many Indonesian foods hahaha :p
we visited many places here, and got many new friends too.
if you asked me how's Thai's people? i would answer you , awesome! Indonesian people should learnt a lot from them wkwkwk really! very polite and some kind of good attitude.
why i said that ?
1. When we're crossing a road, driving people will stop right there at let us go first.
2. i got a buddies (partner in a group) for doing a project assignment from lecturer. It's about we need to hang out every week to keep a good relationship and Thai students must take care of us then report to the lecturer. My partner, which we'd appointment and suddenly he couldn't come, he kept saying sorry and phone me just to say "sorry i didn't take care of you" haha it sounds like very funny is it ? i told it's ok already, we'll change the time, but he still call to say sorry didn't taking care of me ? hehe not only him, but many others like that too.. so yeaa.. i think some of Thai's people love to say "sorry"
hmmm.. about the food ? 
yeaaa it's just ok. some of them is delicious but some of them ehhmm don't know how to say. too sour. i still prefer Indonesian foods :( 
this is some of Thai food. At the first row, don't know what's the name, it's too sour and i don't really like it :/ second row chicken and little crab , yeah yummy, and the third row, o luak (like egg with oyster) and martabak. wow this is indonesian food, it's ok, but i still prefer indonesian :p
left side, milk ice with kitkat and oreo topping , right side green tea ice with kit kat and corn flakes topping. yeah it tastes nice. it sold besides my dorm , in the campus^^

Yihuuu~ i'm going to used to be here..
going to campus by bus with some friends, study for 3 hours each day (except Tuesday, 6 hours) , going back dorm by walking alone / sometimes with friends (actually have buses, but we just too lazy to wait for it), have a nap, doing assignments, wifi-ing, hang out with friends, and yeah i'm really enjoy it ^^
about the classes ?
I love the classes. It's really an international classes. Thai people, Korean people, China, Canada, Brunei and Indonesian. Don't know if there's any other country more.
furthermore, the subjects here is not really a difficult one, all in english.
but don't be afraid, all students were not really really perfect in english (except canadians :p)  so we just say what we want to say never afraid of wrong or what. If they don't understand, just keep say and say it again until they understand hahahaha
until now, the most difficult subject for me is the thai language ! wew really really hard ;(
few months more to survive ! and i hope everything will going smoothly.
Khob Kun Khaaaa...
went to Bang Saen beach last week :p

yeaa, enjoy ourselves there
with Mix Hoon, putri, and bernice. Mix Hoon is a thai girl, one of our new friends here :)
triple england girls :p
lunch time, while waiting for the another class.. #crazyingwithmycrazyfriends
my stuffs, mickey <3 br="br">
this is when we attending a welcome dinner for visiting professor and exchange students from Brock Univ Canada, Univ Brunei Darussalam, and of course from UIB, Batam, Indonesia.
this is in front of CIMB Thai bank. It's a little bit far from our campus and really an unforgotable journey we went there for the first time. Took song tew ,walk walk walk and walk . hahaha
and, hereeee... this is my campus! Burapha University ^^


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