Friday, 31 August 2012

the end of August ..

yes today August 31th. It's the last day of August already..
fast? yes I think..
I really love August ! 
Even though i didn't spend most of my time with my family, but I did spend lot of my times with them ({})
hmm.. September... going to be my month hihi
again, many hopes in this month..
and yeah another full of schedules again..
gonna be a tired month I guess.
 like usual, hope for the best, do the best and let God do the rest O:)
but these two days, i don't really in a good health. I got MC and stay whole day at home -.-
oh ya, happy belated birthday to Benny Lan ! all the best for you :D
 anyway , thanks Jesus for this Awesome August !
hope September will be more more more fun than before.
this is the end of August.
With Love,
Sele :)


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