Monday, 27 August 2012

i'm STRONG enough ...

yeah..  I'm strong enough to not cry in front of many people, 
and because of it, people think it's okay to hurt me again and again.
 I'm strong enough to say "I'm fine" every time people ask me, "are you okay?" .
 I do it because it's easier than i have to tell people about my feelings or problems.
 And for many times, I always success to make them believe.
I'm strong enough to keep everything by myself.
Seriously, yeah sometimes i need help from others, but the fact is just 1 of 10 who would really care about my problems/feelings, 9 of 10 will mock and give shit advices. 
I'm strong enough to make myself believe everything will be okay when everything is messed up.
I'm strong enough to smile in the morning after cry all night alone.
and after all of above, yeah I'm strong enough :')

just a post, no others meaning ;)


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