Sunday, 1 January 2012

family gathering :)

-December 30th, 2011-
 hello the last friday in 2011 ! rather excited waiting this day, cos my family were coming here to celebrate new year.. and would be stay at south link executive village again..
shop all out, shop till' drop, with mom.. i'm lovin it ! haha ^-^

-December 31st, 2011-
time flies so fast.. 2011 is going to end and 2012 is coming..
happy new year's eve all !
eat, shop, refreshing, hoh how good if life were like this everyday LOL
this year we countdown at MM again, by Pemko Batam, which was the largest firework in Kepri
*don't know true or false, they just said like that
hmm yaa but it was awesome,
and same with the previous years, got a terrible traffic jam..
we arrived south link at about 2.15 am..
and yeah sleep ! 

-January 1st, 2012-
hello 2012, goodbye 2011 !
today my family is going back to TPI and finally i'm here alone again..
really really not enough for these few days :(
2012, the year of God's favor
hope all things can be much better than before..
new year, new life, new hope, new goals..
let's learn from the past and do for the future ! 
happy new year 2012 all ! :*

*forgot to bring my camera, so just took it by my samsung android :)

how bout' your new year , guys ?  :)


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