Sunday, 23 October 2011

try to smile again :)

syududu.. just got back from NH 
went there with ivone and ce eni, but ce eni went back first, leave us alone haha
(PLUS PLUS note >>little advice from ka weidi<< : we met COG members there, at "ayam penyet ria", there're ka intan, ka joli, ka weidi, ka eka, and few others, forgotten wkwk :p)
(wondering why ka weidi asked me to tell you all i met them.. hmmm wanna show his name in my blog? wkwk peace !)
bought something, watched "Abduction" , ate , and jco yogurt-ing
just for refreshing .. cleaning up everything from my mind haha
the abduction was so exciting !
Taylor Lautner was soooooooo cool :o
wondering is there such a "cool" man here ?
hahaha waiting for my "prince charming" ? LOL
btw, special thanks to ivone again..
trying to make me smile  hihihi :p
well, tomorrow is monday again..
back to normal activities again..
keep spirit !
ganbate ! yes, i can ! ^-^
waiting for the next weekend, althought i still can't go back to pinang,
at least i hope my family can be here later..
thanks Jesus for today..
God bless you all, and happy sunday :)

"i want to enjoy things , have fun and live like everyday is the last day"

With lot of smile,


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