Thursday, 1 September 2011

this few days..

hey guys , i'm back ! long time no see ya hihi miss me ? ;p
yap, finally holiday is over.. really really over, so fast right :(
there'll be no holiday anymore ! all "red-dates" are in sunday
not believe? just see your calendar >,<
and today, the second day of hari raya idul fitri,
i've already got to work, just like usual ..
but today rather special, i went and back from office with my family ..
my mom and dad bring and fetch me there .. this is the first time indeed ..
and don't know why i felt very happy ! remembering before .....
when i was schooling .. i'd said "pa, ma, i'm going to school, bye.."
and now.. "pa, ma, i'm go to work" 
haha :'D
that makes me realize that i'm not a little girl anymore ..
but just like some people said that in parents eyes, their children will never get old ..
it's mean that i'm still and always will be their little girl , right ? :p

2011, Aug 26-28th, TANJUNGPINANG...
after i back from office, i directly went back to my hometown !
east and west , home is best ! 
really excited because it'll be holiday for the next 5 days ,
but ijust spent my days in Pinang for 3 nights 2 days ._. 
really, it's not enough !
i still can't spend my time with my friends, with forum, with dancers, with you? haha -.-
but i really really happy that night ! which night ? yaa.. that night ! haha LOL *
so sorry for all my friends there, i still can;t meet you all :(
miss you all badly ! :'(
oya, happy weeding for bg rikson and kak nancy ! 
may you have a longlast happy family ^-^

2011, Aug 29-31st, HOLIDAY...
talking about holiday, this year's holiday were not very interesting
usually every idul fitri holiday, me and family will go abroad,
or somewhere a little from from our hometown..
but this year, God made something different..
we got no tour or hotel anymore.. all were full-booked !
so, we just spent our holidays i here, Batam city..
but totally, its not a very bad holiday,
we lived in south link golf condo
we = my family (four) , my uncle's family (three)
there were very outstanding ! i really love the condo , and the scenery..
i went around the golf field and wow it's beautiful !
so what did i do during those days ?
shopping, eating, cameraing, relaxing, walking walking haha ^-^
sometimes i felt bored, but yeah just enjoy this family gathering :D
actually,today my family would be going back to Pinang, 
but hemmm haha still not enough and they stayed one more night ! haha :p
don;t know why, everytime i got this family gathering,
it seems that time goes so fast , really really not  enough :(
i'll cherish every moment with them, of course :)

2011, Sep 1st, 22.30 WIB, In Front Of My Vaio Laptop...
finally, i'm back .. to my little room (kos) , and alone again :(
very bored indeed, but yeah this is my life..
yes or no, want or not, i must walk through this journey..
hah.. September already :)
the month that i've been waiting for..
but i think, this September will be a hard month? ;(
many things i should do in this month,, 
i just hope the word "Cheerful September" will be mine ! :D
so, how will be my September? 
keep visiting here , blogger ! ;p



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