Friday, 19 August 2011

"good friday"

rather happy today :P
initially , my planning for tomorrow and sunday is going to shopping again with my friend .
little bored indeed, but I've many many many things to buy.. (oh my God my money >< )
I need to preapare for something hehe
really, I didn't intend to go back to pinang .
but suddenly … jeng jeng jeng ..
huss .. not me ! not me ! I'm still not going back to pinang
but my mom will come here tomorrow hahaha
actually, she didn't want to come here, but she has to ! *forcing
she has to bring my things come here, a little urgent.. so you must come here mom ! hahaha
actually, my friends (forum) asked me to go back there, but I'm so sorry, 
i can't go back tomorrow .. I'll back there maybe next week .. 
really miss u a lot guys.. long time no see , after that saturday we met at KFC accidentally ,
hah .. so when can we meet again? ;|

well, today i'm busy in looking for a tour
pinang, nor batam, just the same 
one word , "FULL"
wew :(
seems that we're late 
in about 10 tours and travel we've asked and yah bad news for us ..
still can't confirm where we'll go , but i hope it'll be a fun holiday just like last , last year huhu :/

today? a "good friday" indeed
thanks Jesus ^-^

with smile,
sele :)


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